Sending a Text Message (SMS)

Note: Text messaging is enabled by default when a new user is set up. Account administrators can enable or disable text messaging for a user under 'User Settings' in the navigation bar.

Please use the following instructions to send an SMS:

In users settings / Personal Settings:

  1. Click on the blue SMS button above the left hand side "navigation" bar.
  2. In the "SMS" window, Enter the full telephone number or sipgate contact name under Recipient.
  3. Enter your message content/text in the area under Message.
  4. Select the time the SMS should be sent. You have the choice of sending the SMS immediately or at a specified time in the future (Now, Today, Tomorrow and the next few (3) days will also be shown.
  5. Click Send to send(or queue the SMS to be sent if you've chosen a later date/time) the SMS.


Note: When choosing Today, Tomorrow or any of the follow on dates, a hour and a minute field will open allowing you to enter the desired time when you want the message to be sent.


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