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Group or Shared Voicemail Setup

You can add a voicemail to a Group, as part of the Group's Voicemail, Call Forwarding and Hunting rules. The voicemail can be accessed by all members of the group. 

To add a voicemail, please use the following instructions:

  • In the Users & Groups tab, click Groups.
  • Select the Group for which you wish to add a voicemail.
  • Select Voicemail and click on the +Voicemail button 
  • The voicemail will be available to use immediately and can be configured at any time.

Announcement: Add a personalised voicemail greeting.

Voicemail Notifications: The Group Voicemail will be listed in each Group Member's (User's) Voicemail tab.

Users can send free email notifications containing an MP3 copy of the voicemail to multiple email addresses.  

PIN: To access your voicemail from other networks, call your sipgate phone number and press the asterisk button twice: **

You will be asked to enter your Voicemail-PIN.


Playing a greeting without the option to leave a voicemail:

  •  After uploading a personalised greeting to a Group's voicemail there will be an additional option "Do not allow the recording of messages - just play the announcement."
  •  With this option selected callers will be played your pre-recorded greeting without the option to leave a voicemail message:





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