Adding a Phone or Extension Number to a User

Should you decide to create a User without allocating them a phone or extension number upon creation, you can do this at a later time by following one of the below options: 
Option 1:
  • Choose the user for whom you wish to allocate a phone number to from the drop down menu in the top left-hand corner of the navigation bar
  • Click Assign Numbers in the navigation bar
  • Click "Add phone number" and you’ll be forwarded to the Phone numbers section in the Account Administration area
  • Follow the steps as described below under Option 2
 Option 2:
  • Go to Account Administration
  • Click on Phone numbers
  • In the phone number overview, select which phone number you wish to assign to a user
  • All numbers on the account not yet allocated are marked "does not ring any phone" in red
  • click "click here"
  • In the pop up window you have the option to choose where to allocate the number to:
    • a User (all telephones linked to the user will ring should this number be dialled)
    • a Group (all user’s phones within the group will ring should this number be dialled)
    • an Announcement
    • an Unlinked phone (sometimes known as public phones – this being phones which aren’t allocated to any users and therefore have limited features)
    • an IVR (extra feature booked as part of the Pro-Package)
    • a PBX (only with the product “sipgate trunking”)
    • a Conference Room (extra feature)
To add additional phone numbers to the user simply repeat this process as many times as necessary.
Your outbound Caller ID can be setup under Phones  --> Caller ID  --> click the cog and enter/choose the number you want displayed as your outgoing Caller ID.
Important: If you select a phone number that's already assigned to a User or Group phone, the phone number will be removed from that User/Group and assigned to your User's numbers. The default setting is so that all telephones linked to the user’s account will ring simultaneously should their sipgate number be called. The routing of a user’s sipgate number can be configured for one phone or multiple phones. To select only certain telephones to ring should the user’s sipgate number be dialled go to the User’s Connections settings section.
As the Administrator of the account, you decide which phones and phone numbers a user will have access to. The configuration of the user’s phones and other personal settings can be done by yourself or the user (if you have given them access to). In order to setup your call routing, please do the following:
  • Choose the user for which you wish to setup a call routing from the drop down menu in the top left corner of the navigation bar
  • Click Connections in the navigation bar
  • If during user setup you added a device to the user, then you’ll see a phone in the “Turn VoIP Phone on/off” section and you’ll also see a connection against the users name in the Phone Lines column
  • If no phone number was assigned during the user’s setup, assign a phone number now. Do this by following the instructions as written above (Option 1 or 2)
  • By default (as long as a device was previously allocated) the phone/device should be showing as “ON” in the “Turn VoIP Phone on/off” section
  • Essentially, any calls made to the number allocated to the user showing in the connection in the Phone Lines column will ring through to that device
  • If the user has multiple devices entered in their profile (Phones setting in the navigation bar), then all of the devices would show up in the “Turn VoIP Phone on/off” section
  • By toggling the ON/OFF slider you can decide which phone(s) the incoming call will route to for the chosen phone line
  • If the user has multiple phone lines (more than one entry in the Phone Lines column) then, it is possible to edit that connection’s routing by clicking on the entry and then using the ON/OFF slider as explained above 



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