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What Is sipgate's STUN Server?

Any reliable, publicly available STUN Server may be used.

sipgate's STUN Server is:

STUN Server port: 3478


What is STUN?

The STUN Protocol, or Session Traversal Utilities for NAT, can assist devices behind a NAT firewall or router with routing UDP packets.

Router related problems can lead to a wide range of issues, including one-way or lost audio, no dial or ring tones, intermittent loss of registration, and problems making or receiving calls.

For most customers, it's enough to know that STUN can solve many NAT router related problems, but isn't designed to be a solution in every situation. You may need to omit STUN, or use it as a part of a complete solution.


Instead of changing router's settings to resolve issues, first in your phone's settings try:

  • Use different Local UDP Ports in your phone's settings;
  • Enable your phone's STUN Server
  • Power your phone and router off and on.

If the problems haven't been resolved, next try the recommendations in the following Help Article:

Problems with Audio, Registering Online or with Making and Receving Calls


Where can I find my phone's STUN settings?

Have you checked your phone's manual or the manufacturer's website?

We've pictorial set up guides for many popular VoIP phones and devices in our Help Centre.

If your phone isn't listed or our guides need updating, please let us know.

In the settings menus of most phones you'll only need to enter the STUN Server. Otherwise there will usually be separate STUN Server and Port fields. With some phones you'll need to use the format: (or

Older SIP VoIP phones, devices and applications may not support STUN.


Further Information:

The STUN Protocol is defined in RFC 5389




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