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How Do I Configure the AVM Gateway 5188 for sipgate trunking?

Please find the relevant information regarding the configuration of the AVM Gateway 4588 below:

Open the gateway's web menu.

Internet Telephony => DDI Account:

Internet Phone Use: enable

Internet Telephony Provider: "other providers"

Internet Phone number: Use your sipgate phone number instead of 0 to 49

Username: your SIP ID

Password: your SIP password

Confirm Passowrd: your SIP password


Proxy Server:

STUN-Server: leave blank

Internet Call Number for the Registration Use: not enabled


Serial Number: Use your sipgate phone number instead of 0 to 49

Central Phone Extention: can be decided by you

Length of Extension: sipgate trunking supports 1-3 digit extensions

Extension: in the "P-Preferred-Identity" format

DTMF Transmission: Automatic, adjust manually for faults

CLIR: CLIR bia RFC 3325 (ID)


Do not automatically register provider: not enabled


Customise number format:

00: not enabled

0: not enabled

Suffix for Internet Numbers: leave blank


Provider supports the international number format: enable

Note: Outgoing calls will be and must be sent in the E.164 Format

Activate internet router port forwarding for VoIP: enabled

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