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sipgate IP & Port Ranges

Currently (02/07/2015) sipgate uses the following IP ranges:


For audio data, our systems use ports in the range 15000 - 65000.

The transport protocol is UDP (not TCP).


For SIP signalling only the following IP addresses are used:

  • sipgate UK: and
  • sipgate UK trunking:
  • sipgate Germany: and
  • sipgate Germany trunking:

Our servers' SIP signalling port is always 5060 (UDP). 


Although the above ranges are rarely changed, at times we may need to add new, or remove old IP address ranges for operational reasons. 


For security reasons we furthermore recommend:

  • Secure any SSH access options for your Telephone system. 
  • Change the default passwords for web access to your telephone system's settings.
  • Block calls to any Premium/Special numbers and international numbers that you would not normally call


Please be sure to take into account, and stay up-to-date with, the security recommendations of the manufacturer of your VoIP system.

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