Upgrading or changing your SIP Trunking plan

Each sipgate Trunking account comes with a free 30 day trial including three temporary UK 056 test numbers, an hour's worth of UK test calls, and a 'Developer' SIP Trunking plan.

Your sipgate Trunking plan can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled online at anytime.
Upgrades will take effect immediately and the new contract's cost will be pro-rated for the remainder of the month. Plan downgrades and cancellations will be set to process at the end of the current month.

For information about our sipgate Trunking service's plans and pricing please check our website here

Changing your sipgate Trunking plan:

  • Login to your account and go to:
    • Account Administration
    • Plans & Packages
    • My Plans
    • Click on Change plan  or Terminate plan 

If you do not have a sipgate trunking plan on your account or wish to add an additional SIP Trunk or Trunks then these can be found and booked by clicking on 'Show Plans' in the 'Additional services from sipgate' section.

Multiple SIP Trunk plans can be added to your sipgate account.



- Only account administrators can change an account's monthly service plan.

- After the 30 day trial completes the Developer SIP Trunking plan will remain active without a service charge. The Developer SIP Trunking plan is a single line Trunk for testing purposes only and is limited to 300 minutes incoming calls per month.

- In order to port existing phone numbers from other service providers to the sipgate Trunking service your account must first be upgraded to a chargeable SIP Trunking plan. It's not possible to port numbers to an account for use with a Developer Trunking plan.





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