Grandstream GXV3140

Follow the instructions in your phone's manual login to the Web Configuration Menu of your Grandstream.


To configure your Grandstream GXV3140 you'll need your SIPID and SIP Password.


Enter the following settings to setup your Grandstream:







We recommend you make the following optional changes:

- Advanced Settings --> Call Features: Set the option Disable Direct IP Call to Yes

- Account --> SIP Settings: Set the option Check SIP User ID for incoming INVITE and Accept Incoming SIP from Proxy Only to Yes.


Testing your Phone's setup:

To test your phone's configuration, dial the following sipgate numbers:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020


If you have problems registering your Grandstream online or with making calls, please test with the STUN Server enabled.

To enable STUN open Account x --> Network Settings and set the option NAT Traversal to STUN.


Using Multiple Phones Behind the Same Router:

If there's more than one VoIP phone/device on the same local network, assigning each different local UDP ports will avoid port conflicts.

For each SIP Phone or device you add, increment the local ports used by 100.



The settings in this guide won't be regularly tested for accuracy following updates by the manufacturer to firmware, etc. If you notice any problems with the settings in this guide, or if there are any additional settings, options or issues to be aware of, please let our support know. 


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