sipgate Webphone

With the sipgate Webphone you can use sipgate directly from your computer, using just a regular audio headset.

You can make and receive calls directly in your browser without any third-party telephone software.

Which Web Browser versions are supported?

Edge Chrome Firefox Safari Brave Internet Explorer
from v79* from v75 from v75 all from v1.8.95 none

* manual download from Microsoft

How to use the Webphone?
Please log in to your sipgate account and find the Webphone button in the main menu (lower-left corner). After selection we will automatically connect your selected Telephone and start routing calls through your browser.

I can't find the Webphone button in my account's main menu. What can I do?
For the Webphone to be shown there has to be a regular Phone already set up for your User. Please add a regular Telephone in the Phones section first.
The Webphone will not be displayed to other Administrator Users.

Which Phone Number will be used for incoming/outgoing calls?
Your currently active phone numbers are shown in the Webphone interface. If you have multiple telephone options set up in your sipgate team account, the active phone can be chosen in the Webphone interface.

Make a test call!
You can test the Webphone's call quality with our free test number 10005.

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