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Media5-fone (Android & Apple iOS)

The Media5-fone softphone comes preconfigured for use with sipgate and is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and Windows Phone OS.

You'll need your SIPID and SIP Password to set up Media5-fone.

After downloading and installing Media5-fone, under Internet Telephony Service Providers tap on Preconfigured List:



Next scroll down to the list of United Kingdom providers and choose sipgate.

Enter your SIP-ID and SIP Password to connect Media5-fone with your sipgate team account:



Testing your Phone's Set Up:

To test your phone's configuration dial the following sipgate numbers:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020

For further tests and information click here.


Different audio codecs for WiFi and 3G connections can be chosen in the Advanced Menu of the Account Settings. We recommend using lower bandwidth codecs with 3G/4G connections: Supported Audio Codecs and Nominal Bandwidth 

GPRS and EDGE connections may allow the softphone to register, but are not recommended for VoIP calling.

Media5-fone provides a wide range of options to tweak its operation. For technical support please contact the developer.


Using Multiple Phones Behind the Same Router:

If there's more than one VoIP phone/device on the same local network, assigning each different local UDP ports will avoid port conflicts.

For each SIP Phone or device you add, increment the local ports used by 100.

For a Help article about local port numbering, please click here.


If you have problems registering your phone online, with placing calls, or with audio quality try the troubleshooting advice in the following Help Articles:



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