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How long will it take to port my phone number?

A single line number port will take at least 7 business days and a multi-line port will take at least 10 business days to complete from the application date.

  • sipgate will submit the application to port your telephone number within one working day of receiving the porting application fee and your completed, hand-signed porting application forms.
  • Your current service provider should respond to your porting application within one working day. When your current service provider accepts your porting application they'll confirm the port completion date.
  • For a Single Line port the port completion date will be at least 5 business days later. The time required for Multi-Line porting applications are longer and will depend on your current service provider.
  • New porting applications are processed and will complete Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.


BT have the following time-scales for completing a number port (guideline only):

  • Single line – 7 working days
  • Multi-line ( greater than 10 lines porting at same time ) – 17 working days
  • PBX 10 lines or less – 10 working days
  • PBX 11 lines or greater ( or Centrex site ) – 20 working days
  • ISDN 10 lines or less – 10 working days
  • ISDN 11 lines or greater – 20 working days

We are unable to guarantee that the port will be carried out within the time-scales listed above. Please use the above strictly as a guideline, as processing times for ports from other providers may vary.


Further information:


!! Avoid delays and extra costs due to port rejections !!

Be sure all the details you provide in the porting application forms are correct. Check with your current service provider if unsure.

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