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Can I port my sipgate phone number to another provider?

As long as your new intended service agrees to port your number and is able to do so there should be no problems changing service providers.

You'll need to contact your new service provider to begin the port process. They'll need you to complete and sign a Letter of Authorisation.

sipgate will authorise a correctly submitted porting application within one working day of its receipt.

A single line port will take at least seven working days to complete. Please plan for at least a 10 working day processing time for multi-line ports.

Your new provider will keep you updated as the port progresses.

sipgate will only accept porting instructions from the sipgate account holder.

sipgate may charge a fee of £29.00 per telephone number to be ported to another service provider. sipgate will not charge this fee where the porting number has been in service on the sipgate network for 60 days or more.

When the port completes we'll email you to confirm and to see what you'd like to do with your sipgate account.

If you wish to close your sipgate account please first cancel your account's active plans and then request your account's closure in writing by email to

For information about sipgate's Cancellation and Refund policies please see the sipgate basic Terms & Conditions at:



On your new service provider's Letter of Authorisation, please be sure to provide the sipgate team 999 Emergency Address you've associated with the porting number as the "Site" or "Installation" address. Port applications received by sipgate listing any other address will be rejected.


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