Completing the Letter of Authorisation

sipgate cannot submit your number porting application without first receiving your fully completed, hand-signed Letter of Authorisation (LOA). 

A copy (scan of the hand signed document, or even a photo of the hand signed document) is all that is required and can be returned to sipgate by email.

The Letter of Authorisation or LOA is a standardised industry document used for both residential and business porting applications. 


Filling out the Letter of Authorisation Document.


1st "Box"

To field: Already filled out, no need for any entries here.

From field: please enter your Current Service Provider's name and address. 


2nd "Box" - Customer Details section

Company/Customer Name enter either your company or your name dependent upon what is showing on the last bill received from your current service provider.

Company's / Customer’s Registered Address enter either your company's or your address 

Company's / Customer’s Registered Number   For business customers, please enter your company registration number (CRN). Residential customers and Sole Traders may leave this field blank. 


3rd "Box" - Requester Details.

This is to be filled out by the person who is requesting the port to be processed, this can be different to the Customer details section, if the information is the same, please still enter it in both sections.

Name Enter the name of the person who's requesting the port

Job Title Please enter if a business request, Residential customers and Sole Traders may leave this field blank or enter a N/A etc.

Contact Details a contact email address or phone number will suffice here


4th "Box" - Site Address and Telephone numbers to be ported

Site address This is the address which your provider has registered on their system as to where your number is installed. The Site, Installation or Emergency address may differ from your Billing or even postal address. Hint: We often find ports being rejected due to the Site address bring incorrect and as such always suggest to contact your current provider and clarify the installation/Site address they have on their systems for your number.

Regardless of service type all UK geographic numbers have an associated Site or Installation address. This is also true for VoIP numbers, though the "name" can very (site address, installation address, Emergency address etc)

Telephone number to be ported Please enter the number or numbers which are to be ported, please enter the "full" number including area code.


And finally, and most important

The current service providers account holder must hand sign the Letter of Authorisation (a digital signature won't suffice).

As mentioned above, an email copy of the hand signed LOA is all that is required from our side, this could be scanned copy of the original LOA or even a photo of the original, and then emailed back to us. There is no need to send the originals back to us in the post.  




Even if the Customer/Account holder is requesting the port, both the Requester Details and Customer Details fields must be completed.

Cases where the Customer and Requester details may differ:

  • You're making the application on behalf of your company or employer;
  • You, the Requester, are the owner of the sipgate basic account the number is being ported to, but not the account holder / Customer with the porting number's current service provider. 



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