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sipgate Fax Printer for Mac: Installation and Usage (Faxdrucker)

With the sipgate fax printer (Faxdrucker) you can send faxes from Mac programmes and documents. With this new fax software, sipgate is making sending faxes as easy as printing.

 Note: Currently the sipgate Fax Printer for Windows is only available in German.


Please choose one of the following to download sipgate Fax Printer:


Sending Faxes

  1. To fax a document in any format, select the "Print" dialog of the application, "PDF, and then "Send Fax with sipgate".
  2. Drag a PDF document to the open Fax Printer.
  3. Drag a PDF document to the Fax Printer symbol on the dock.



To uninstall sipgate fax printer, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Finder -> Programs. 
  2. Right click on sipgate and choose "Send to trash". 
  3. Confirm with your password.
  4. The sipgate will then be moved to the trash and uninstalled.


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