Problems Registering VoIP Phones Online

 It should be possible to register any SIP compliant VoIP phone or device with your sipgate account using any suitable broadband internet connection.

Entering your SIP-ID, your SIP Password and our SIP Server address will register most phones online. 


 If your VoIP phone or device registers online successfully, but later goes offline or intermittently loses registration please see the following article for further advice: Problems Making and Receiving Calls.


 First please check the following:

  • Is your online VoIP Phone status Online or Offline?  
  • Be sure to use your SIP-ID and SIP Password in your phone settings (not your web login details). 
  • Click here to check for a set up guide for your phone or device. Please use our recommended settings.
  • Some phones display three digit SIP Response codes on screen or in logs. This code should indicate why registration is failing: SIP Response Codes -

 If the problem persists:  

  • Test with a different phone installed on a computer or smartphone like Zoiper 
  • Test your VoIP phone over a different internet connection. 

If another phone can register online over your internet connection, or your phone can register over a different internet connection, please see the following article for further advice: Problems Making and Receiving Calls


 If any of the following apply reset your phone back to factory defaults and then try re-configuring it:

  • Have you tried a few times to set up your phone and have made changes to settings other than those in our set up guides?
  • Is your phone a newly purchased second hand device?
  • Was the phone previously configured with a different service provider's settings? 


 If you're contacting our support please describe the problem and the results of the steps you've taken so far, along with the the model of your phone and of your router: 

Need Some Help? What to do or check before emailing support? 



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