Where Can I Find My Phone's Codec Settings?

 sipgate supports the following codecs: 


Codec Codec Bitrate [kbit/s] Ethernet Bitrate [kbit/s]
G711u/a 64 88
G.726-32 32 55
G.729 8 32
GSM 13 35

The location of the Codec settings in the web settings menus of many popular phones and devices are provided below: 

Cisco/Linksys SPA: 

Open Voice --> Ext or (Line) and scroll down to the Audio Configuration section. Here you can enable or disable the codecs used by your sipgate line:


Grandstream HT70x and HT502:

In the middle of the FXS Port page, your adaptor's codec ('Vocoder') preferenceS can be set:  


Under VoIP --> SIP Accounts, select your sipgate SIP Account Index 


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