Nuisance Calls

In your sipgate account Settings you can blocklist numbers you've received unwanted caller's numbers: Blocking Unwanted Calls (Blocklisting) 

Many telephone handsets and VoIP phones have options to block anonymous callers and to block or screen particular callers. Information about setting up blacklisting and screening with some popular phones is available further below. 

If you're receiving calls from IP addresses, incomplete or invalid numbers and these calls are not displayed in your sipgate account's Event list (often referred to as SPIT calls), click here for help & information. 

Our hint/suggestion for you: Inform unwanted callers that you do not wish to be contacted again, also do not engage unwanted callers in further conversation and try to end the call as quickly as possible. Engaging the caller in conversation may only lead to even more unwanted calls. 

Our hint/suggestion for you: You could register your number with the TPS:

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a freely available service. It is the official UK central opt out register on which you can record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. It is a legal requirement that all UK organisations (including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties) do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS unless they have your consent to do so. 

Register with the TPS

As TPS registration only prevents marketing calls, organisations will still be able to call you for the purposes of genuine market research. 



Snom IP Deskphones: 

With Snom Phones callers and Contact's can be easily added to a deny list.

To block anonymous calls add the following contact in the Directory menu of your phone:  

Name: Anonymous
Contact Type: Deny List
Outgoing Identity: Active 

Gigaset DECT Handsets:

Many Gigaset DECT Handsets support "Anonymous Call Silencing". 

Some Gigaset handsets also come with blocklists to selectively screen or block specific numbers. 

Yealink Deskphones: 

Yealink IP Phones offer anonymous call rejection and blocklisting options. 


Grandstream adaptors and deskphones support Anonymous Call Rejection. 

Cisco/Linksys SPA:

Anonymous calls can be blocked in the device settings. Using 'Selective Call Forwarding' specific numbers can be blocked. 


Panasonic KX series IP phones support options to reject anonymous calls and specific phone numbers. 

Recent Panasonic DECT handsets offer Nuisance Call Block options to block specific callers and anonymous calls, while older handsets often offer some Call Barring options. 

Panasonic FAQ: Blocking Calls

BT Home Phones offer call blocking as standard with a wide range of options available including Do Not Disturb. 



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