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Problems Receiving Incoming Calls

 If immediate Call forwards to another number fail, please check that you have sufficient call credit and then contact support confirming:

  • your sipgate account number and phone number;
  • time of last failed call forward; 
  • the call forwarding destination number. 

 If you're unable to receive VoIP calls at your sipgate number:

  • Disable call forwarding; 
  • Set up an immediate divert to your sipgate voicemail;
  • Are you able to call your sipgate phone number from another line and leave a voicemail message? 

 If you can receive voicemails at your number please try the following: 

  • Disable SIP ALG and UPnP in your router settings;
  • Change the delay before forwarding to voicemail to 20 seconds; 
  • Change your phone's Local SIP and RTP Ports
  • Test with and without STUN enabled in your phone's settings. 
  • Test with a different phone installed on a computer or smartphone like Zoiper
  • Are you able to call outbound? Can you reach the test number 10005? 

Some phones display three digit SIP Response codes on screen or in their logs. This code should indicate why registration is failing: SIP Response Codes -


If inbound calls continue to fail please see this Help Article for further advice: 

Problems Making and Receiving Calls


 If you're unsure of what to do next please let our support know.

Please describe the problem, the results of the steps you've taken so far and some sample call information along with the the model of your phone and router: 

Need Some Help? What to do or check before emailing support? 



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