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Bria (Win, Mac OS, Linux)

 Counterpath's Bria softphone is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and Windows Phone OS.

Bria is recommended for use with sipgate:
sipgate: Recommended Phones & Apps

Counterpath's Bria softphone is available here.


 After installing Bria you'll need your SIPID and SIP Password.

Open Bria and click Softphone --> Account Settings:





After clicking OK your account should be enabled for inbound and outbound calls straight awaý:


 To test your configuration please see this Help Article:

Testing your VoiP Phone's Configuration

 If you've problems registering your phone online, with placing calls or with audio quality see the following links and Help Articles for troubleshooting advice:

Countertpath Technical Support & information:

sipgate Help & Troubleshooting articles:


The images in the above guide are taken from Bria 4 4.1.1 on Windows 8.1.
The layout of the interface on Windows, Linux and Mac OS will be similar.



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