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What Is the sipgate API and What Features Does It Offer?

The sipgate API (Application Programming Interface) provides the functionality of the sipgate platform for external applications. The sipgate API provides, inter alia, functionality from the following areas:

  • Building of telephone conversations
  • SMS
  • Sending and receiving faxes
  • Retrieving account balance information
  • Access to the event list (data about calls, faxes, voicemails, and SMS)
  • Access to voicemails
  • Provisioning information for VoIP endpoints

In general, all elements of the event list information are available, such as sender, recipient, and timestamp.

The contents of voicemails, fax, and SMS can also be downloaded as a file.


Note: The sipgate API can also build calls between "normal" telephones. Numbers must always be passed in the international format. 

The exact functionality, including all Input and Output parameters, is described by the sipgate API Specification.
A brief example using the sipgate API is available here.


Note: In addition to the sipgate API, there is also the Push-API.

The differences between the sipgate API and are explained here.





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