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My PBX Is Registered, but I Cannot Receive Calls (Outgoing Calls Are Fine)

If you are unable to receive calls although your PBX is registered and outgoing calls work well, we'd recommend checking the following settings in your PBX:

  • The Outbound Proxy must be set in order to receive incoming calls. Please set this to
  • Ensure your PBX is not requesting an authentication proxy from sipgate 
  • Double check the number assignment within your PBX
  • Ensure all of your PBX's IP addresses and ports are correctly allocated and accessible.
  • If your NAT setting is set to yes, change this to no. NAT detection is not implemented with sipgate trunking.
  • Please also ensure that your SIP ID is not allocated as your DID. Instead, leave this field blank.

If you're still having issues after making the above changes, please send an email to our support team.

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