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Terms of Service of Pro Package for sipgate team

A sipgate team account Administrator must read and agree to the following "Terms of Service of Pro Package for sipgate team" prior to booking the sipgate team Pro Package via the sipgate team account's online "Plans & Locations" settings.


Terms of Service of Pro Package for sipgate team

Service description sipgate team pro

Unless otherwise stipulated hereinafter, the sipgate team service description also applies for services under this contract.

The sipgate team pro service includes functions that are only available on handsets which explicitly support individual functions. These functions must be configured by the customer’s administrator on the relevant handsets.

You will find a summary of supported terminals and configuration instructions at

1. Conclusion of contract, termination

The Parties to the contract are sipgate GmbH (hereinafter: "sipgate"), Gladbacher Str. 74, 40219 Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Local Court, commercial register no. B 39841) and the customer.

This contract regulating provision of the sipgate team pro service shall have been concluded upon the customer’s receipt of an order confirmation from sipgate. This order confirmation will be sent to the customer’s email address which he has entered in his sipgate account.

Insofar as the customer is required to pay a fee for the following services, this is stipulated in this service description or in the current version of the price list. A link to the current version of the respective price list for the individual products may be found at the end of this document.

1.1. sipgate team contract

Use of the sipgate team pro service is subject to conclusion of a sipgate team contract.

1.2. Contract term and termination

This sipgate team pro contract is concluded for an indefinite duration.

This sipgate team pro contract may be regularly terminated at any time as of the end of the respective month, subject to a notice period of one working day (i.e. a full working day is required between notice of termination and the date on which termination is to become effective). Termination must be declared in writing (e.g. by e-mail). sipgate is entitled to require proof of the identity/legitimacy of the person providing notice of termination.

1.3. sipgate credit account

All sipgate services are prepaid services, i.e. the customer’s sipgate credit account must have sufficient credit in order to use paid services. The customer may use the options indicated in sipgate’s General Terms and Conditions of Business in order to top up his sipgate credit account.

2. sipgate team pro

2.1. Contents of the sipgate team pro contract

The sipgate team pro service comprises various functionalities.

The busy lamp field function (with direct dial and pick-up) is available to all users. The other functions – on-hold, voice-dialogue system (interactive voice response, hereinafter also: “IVR”) – are available following activation by sipgate.

2.2. Busy lamp field

As well as ordering this service, the busy lamp field functionality must be enabled by configuring the relevant terminals accordingly. Configuration is not included in the range of services. The customer is required to handle this. The range of functions is influenced/restricted by the terminals used by the customer.

The following statuses will be shown once the busy lamps for a supported telephone have been configured:

free – The employee is not currently making a call. This is indicated by a non-active busy lamp (lamp is off);

occupied – The employee is currently making a call. This is indicated by an active busy lamp (light is continuously on);

ringing – The employee is receiving a call. This is indicated by a flashing busy lamp (light is flashing).

2.3. On-hold

If activated, the on-hold function makes it possible to automatically receive multiple incoming calls at the same time. The individual calls will be forwarded to another employee or placed on hold if alternative employees are currently unavailable.

2.4. Voice-dialogue system (IVR)

If activated and configured, IVR enables automatic forwarding of incoming calls from a defined phone number to specific users and groups. Calls will be received automatically and forwarded to various call destinations, on the basis of the caller’s requirements and the rules specified by the customer.


sipgate GmbH, Düsseldorf, August 27, 2014

The current General Terms and Conditions of Business and price lists are available as follows:
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