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Trunking: Cisco Call Manager Express PBX (UC520/540/560)

Unfortunately, we don't have any documentation regarding the configuration of Cisco Call Manager Express UC520/540/560 PBXs. 

Instead, the following information should be useful for configuration:

  • credentials username SIPID SIP Password 7 SIPID realm
  • authentication username SIPID SIP Password 7 SIPID realm
  • no remote-party-id
  • retry invite 5
  • retryregister 10
  • timers connect 100
  • registrar expires 600 (sec.)
  • sip-server

The Cisco PBX must send register requests to: IP addresses cannot be used in place of

Cisco only supports numbers in the E.164 format (44123456789). The SIP ID lies outside of this range format.

To ensure the SIP ID is always included in the SIP request, this must be done with Voice Class:

  voice class sip-profiles 1
    request ANY sip-header From modify "(<.*:)(.*@)" "<SIP-ID>@"
    request REGISTER sip-header To modify "(<.*:)(.*@)" "<SIP-ID>@"


This Voice Class must then also be activated under:

voice service voip
      sip-profiles 1

With that the necessary header information is exchanged in real time and both SIP trunks and individual "numbers" should register.

This requires firmware 15.2 (T2) and CME 8.1 or higher.

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