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Change Log - List of Recent Changes

In this article, you will find all changes that have been made to the API.


SAMURAI Specification Change log

Version 1.09 released June, 2009

  • fixed typos in description of method samurai.EventListGet
  • new parameter OverallCount in samurai.EventListGet result
  • changed section title HTTPS to XML-RPC
  • added note on mapping speci cation data types to RPC layer data types
  • added note about encoding with XML-RPC

Version 1.08 released May, 2009

  • new method samurai.PhonebookEntryDelete added
  • new method samurai.PhonebookEntrySet added
  • new appendix C system labels
  • new method samurai.PhonebookEntryDelete
  • new method samurai.PhonebookEntrySet
  • new method samurai.LabelAttach
  • new method samurai.LabelDetach
  • new method samurai.LabelDelete
  • new method samurai.LabelList
  • new method samurai.LabelRename
  • new method samurai.EventDelete
  • new method samurai.EventListGet
  • new method samurai.EventSummaryGet
  • new method samurai.EventReadSet
  • new method samurai.EventUnreadSet
  • method samurai.UmSummaryGet marked obsolete

Version 1.07 released July, 2008

  • formal release due to corporate name change

Version 1.06 released August, 2007

  • Official release




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