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My VoIP Phones Online Status

 You can quickly check the status of your phones in your User settings: 

 The User Jane Roe has four phones: two VoIP phones and two parallel forwards to a mobile number and a landline number. When one of Jane's sipgate phone numbers is called, her landline 020 339 339 09 and her mobile number will ring at the same time as her VoIP phones. 

Jane's Deskphone is online  and available to take calls, while her smartphone VoIP app is offline  and also set to inactive .

When you choose to deactivate a Phone, it won't be called even if the phone is online. 

 Hovering your mouse's cursor over a Phone will offer additional options, just like Jane's mobile phone in the picture above.

The options will be different for a VoIP phone. The SIP Credentials used to set up your VoIP phone and some details about the VoIP phones currently registering online with your User are available: 



 Clicking on 'Show Connected Devices' we see that there are two softphones registering online with the User's online VoIP Phone: 

You can use the link at the bottom of the Connected Devices menu to display the online/offline status of your VoIP phones on your website.

Here's an example: 

Online: sipgate Online status 

Offline: sipgate Online status



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