Making Your First Phone Call

This article will introduce you to the basic set up of a User's VoIP phone. In a couple of minutes you should be making your first phone call with sipgate. 

Please click here to login to your sipgate account: 


After logging in

  1. Click on Phones in the navigation bar
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  3. Under the section SIP Details all the information you need to enter will be displayed


To find your personalised configuration guide directly within your account:

  • click on Configuration guides
  • you'll be forwarded to the overview of VoIP Phones, Devices and Software
  • select your device from the different sub-menus
  • this should display your required set up guide (may need a few clicks)
  • your personalised configuration guide will then be displayed


If your device has registered online successfully, the status of your VoIP phone should now show the device make/model and also show its IP address and port. If the device never managed to register successfully, you will see the word "Telephone" and "is not registered".



After setting up your VoIP phone, please place some free test calls to the numbers in the following Help Centre article:

Testing your VoIP Phone's Configuration 

Each team trial comes with one hours worth of UK test calls (50 min to landlines and 10 min to mobiles). Place some off network test calls to a UK landline or mobile. 

During your 30 day trial, you'll have three 056 UK non-geographic numbers available to help with call testing. 


What next

  • Add another User to your sipgate team account and set up a VoIP phone with this new User: Creating a new User
  • Click here to open your Event list to review your call and voicemail records




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