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Public Phones

You can set up phones without allocating them to a specific User. These phones can be located in a specific place that is used by many Users such as a conference room.

To set up a phone without allocating it to a User, please use the following instructions:

  1. Click Settings and then click on the Public Phones tab.
  2. Click the + Public Phones button.
  3. In the following box select the number of public phones you wish to create and give them a description.
  4. These phones will now appear in the Public Phones tab and are now ready to be configured.
  5. Select one of the public phones from the list to be taken to its page where you can configure the device to your needs.

Functionalities of Public Phones

Because Public Phones can be used by anyone, these phones cannot be added to a Group nor can they be allocated a Voicemail. 

Otherwise extension and phone numbers, call forwarding, phone numbers, caller ID, and 999 Emergency settings can all be set up for Public Phones.

Use as an analog fax or video phone

If you would like to use your public phone as an analog fax or video phone without a user, then please proceed as follows:

  • Please click on "Advanced Settings".
  • Activate Feature by sliding "Use with analog fax or video-enabled device" to yes.
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