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Possible Outgoing Caller IDs

You can choose the number used for your outgoing caller ID for both phone calls and faxes. This can be your mobile phone number, your landline number or even your office number.

The chosen number will show up as your caller ID to all numbers that you call. You can even use 0800 numbers as your outgoing caller ID is you wish.


If a User has more than one VoIP Phone they can choose a different caller ID for each.


To set your phone's caller ID:

  • In 'My settings' click on the 'Phone' tab.
  • Click on 'Caller ID':

  • Select the intended phone from those listed.
  • You can choose a phone number on your account, to block your number or to use a different phone number;
  • Click 'Save'  


To set your Fax's caller ID:

  • In 'My settings' click on the 'Fax' tab;
  • Under Outgoing Caller ID select the phone number to be displayed for faxes you send.


Anonymous calling on a call-by-call basis:

  • You can also withhold your number on a call-by-call basis by dialling *31 before the number you wish to call. 



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