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Testing Your VoIP Phone's Configuration

With the following test numbers you can quickly check your VoIP Phone's configuration.

Test 1:

Call 10000 from your VoIP phone.

If 10000 is reachable your phone has successfully registered online with our systems.

If you cannot reach 10000, please check our device configuration guides and Help Centre for setup and troubleshooting advice.

Note: If your VoIP phone has automatic preselection enabled the test numbers in this guide will be unreachable.

Test 2:

Call 10005 to make an echo test call.

This will test your configuration as with 10000 and also the connection's quality in both directions.

After the call is answered, please follow the prompts to record a message which will then be replayed to you.

If you have audio issues, please see the following Help Articles about codec selection, internet connection requirements, and call problems:

Note: If the hash key (#) is not recognised, you probably haven't configured your phone's DTMF settings correctly (see below).

Test 3:

To test that Touchtone dialling (e.g. for IVR menu selections) is enabled please call 10020.

When the call is answered you'll be asked to dial four numbers on your phone's dialpad.

If the numbers you've entered aren't recognised please ensure your phone is configured to send DTMF tones via RFC2833.

For help with setting up touchtone dialling please see this Help Article:

Test 4:

To check that your voicemail is setup and reachable, please call your own sipgate phone number as well as dialing 55000.

If you cannot reach your sipgate voicemail, please check that you have enabled voicemail and setup a call forwarding rule to your voicemail in your team account settings.


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