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Need Some Help? What to Do or Check Before Emailing Support?

Writing to support can sometimes be a difficult task. Often there are problems in communications, delays and so forth. To minimise the difficulties, please read this support guide to resolve your problem more swiftly.

How to write to support:

We understand that technical problems can be very frustrating, most of which are surmountable if approached rationally. Our support team is here to help you through these.

The first step is to identify yourself. We use your SIP ID as your account number, so please include this and your name in any emails.

Please make sure you contact us from the email address you registered with your sipgate team User.

For account specific queries (e.g. billing) we must receive queries from an account's Administrator email address.

Now, defining the problem.

We will occasionally be contacted with a few words in the subject line, but with little or no further information. Ultimately, this will delay resolution of any issue as our first reply will be to ask for more information.

The best trouble-shooters are your account's users. They are next to the device and are using the network. Describe what you have tried and what your results were. Confirm to us that you have already looked in the Help Centre for the answers. Let us know what steps you have already taken.

Details, details, details. Aside from knowing who you are, we need to know how the problem manifests itself and what you have done already. Are you a new customer setting up for the first time? Has the problem just started after weeks of working flawlessly?

Our Customer Care and Technical Support uses a ticketing system:

If you need to provide additional information, please update your existing ticket instead of creating a new one.

This will ensure our staff have all relevant information to hand in one place, allowing both you and us to keep track of your query. Opening multiple tickets won't lead to a quicker response, but instead will likely delay us in replying to your query.


What information to send us?

  • If you're having issues with calls, please send us recent call sample information e.g. the calling and called number, time, date, affected Users, error messages, etc.
  • If you are having issues with setting up a VoIP phone or device, please let us know how many VoIP phones are in use, the make(s) and model(s), as well as any error messages you've received.
  • Are you using WiFi, DSL, 3G? Who's your ISP? What make and model router(s) do you use? A little extra information will often save you time.

The more information we have the better we can help you in achieving a reliable VoIP system.


Our support team is here to help. If you have any queries relating to our sipgate team service, please let us know at:





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