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How Do You Verify My 999 Emergency Address?

Verification of an emergency location

in order to be able to contact the emergency services from your sipgate account, you need to configure and activate your emergency location.

Please be sure to submit your correct and valid UK address, as foreign addresses are not accepted. Without Submitting a valid UK address It Is not Possible to make an emergency call and Could cause great problems in THEREFORE to emergency.

sipgate will verify and validate your UK address emergency. This process can take a few days and you will receive an e-mail Confirming That the emergency call service has been activated. You can always check the status of emergency location on the sipgate website in your settings area.

Important: Please be informed of the Following limitations of VoIP originated Emergency Calls:

  • VoIP application requires a Power Source and enabled internet connection to make 999 calls.
  • When making a VoIP originated Emergency Call You are required to confirm / Provide your location to enable the correct emergency service to respond.
  • The VoIP originated Emergency Call may have to pass over the public Internet where it will not receive The Same Network Priority or quality assurance as to Emergency call made on a mobile network or on a circuit-switched fixed line.
  • Do not make any calls to test "see if it works".


sipgate team Emergency Call Regulations:





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