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Adding VoIP Phones and External Phones to a User

Note: You must be logged in as an administrator to add or remove a User's phones. 

  • To add a VoIP phone (VoIP Phone line or "SIP-ID") and parallel call forwards to other landlines or mobiles click on Settings and select the desired User.
  • Select the Phone tab and choose the type of Phone (VoIP, Landline or Mobile) you wish to add to the User: 

  • In the pop-up window choose the phone's name and a location for Emergency Calls: 

  • The drop-down menu in the next pop-up window contains links to setup guides for many popular VoIP phones and devices.
  • The phone and its call routing will be immediately added to the User.



In the following example, 'Test User' has:

  • Two VoIP phones (SIPIDs) - one for use with a Deskphone and a second for use with a Smartphone VoIP app.
  • The User has also added their landline number and a mobile number.
  • With Standard routing active, inbound calls to the User's phone numbers and internal extensions will ring through to all of the User's endpoints/phones.




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