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Presence/BLF with Grandstream GXP 2110, 2120 and 2124 IP Phones


Note: To use Presence/BLF, an account Administrator must first book the monthly Pro Package add-on in your sipgate team account settings under 'Plans & Locations'.


Using the instructions in your device manual, please login to the Web Configuration Menu of your Grandstream.

In your phone's 'Settings' menu, select 'Programmable Keys' to setup your phone's Multi-Purpose Keys with BLF.

  • Mode: select BLF;
  • Account: select your Grandstream's sipgate team Account;
  • Description: please use a meaningful name e.g. the name of the sipgate team User;
  • Value: Enter your colleagues' extensions, e.g. use 42 to see the status of the user with extension 42;

Click Save and Apply to confirm your changes.

To make sure your changes take effect, please click 'Reboot' in the top right-hand corner.

GXP2124 models: the BLF button can be configured to use sipgate team's *9 Call Pick Up function.

In your GXP2124's Settings open the sipgate team 'Account', and then 'SIP Settings' --> 'Advanced Features'.

For the option 'BLF Call-pickup Prefix' please enter *9.

After clicking 'Save and Apply', reboot your Grandstream.

Note: The GXP 2110 and GXP 2120 models BLF button can't be used with the *9 Pick Up function.



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