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Presence/BLF with Grandstream GXP 2020 IP Phones



Note: To use Presence/BLF, an account Administrator must first book the monthly Pro Package add-on in your sipgate team account settings under 'Plans & Locations'.


Using the instructions in your device manual, please login to the Web Configuration Menu of your Grandstream.

Please open the 'Basic' menu to setup your phone's 'Multi-Purpose Keys' for BLF.

For the Multi-Purpose Keys you'll be using with BLF:

  • 'Mode': 'BLF';
  • 'Account': Select your Grandstream's sipgate team Account;
  • 'Description': enter the other team account Users' names.
  • 'Value': enter the extension numbers of the other Users, e.g. enter 42 to see the status of the User with extension number 42.

Click 'Update' to confirm your changes.



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