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Changing a User's Email, Personal Data, and Login

Note: You must be logged in as an account administrator to change a User's personal data or login credentials.

A User without administrator privileges can view, but not alter their User Settings.


To change a User's Personal Information:

  • In your account Settings under Users & Groups, open the Users tab and click on the desired User.
  • On the left hand side, click on User Settings.
  • Click Edit  to update the User's information.


The following information can be changed: 

  • E-mail address: Change the user's e-mail address. A confirmation link will be emailed to the user at the email address entered
  • First and Last name: Change User's name. 
  • Location: Select a location for the user.
  • Administrator: choose whether the selected will have account administrative rights.
  • Privacy Settings for Billing Purposes: Specify how call records are stored in your Itemised Call List.
  • Password: You can reset the user's password.
  • Localisation: Select a time zone. Your calls, SMS and fax messages will be displayed with the corresponding times.
  • Newsletter: Subscribe to sipgate's free newsletter to learn about new sipgate services. We will keep you posted by email about new features, rates and specials.
  • SMS: Choose whether or not the User can send SMS text messages.


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