Changing a User's Email, Personal Data, and Login

Note: You must be logged in as an account administrator to change a User's personal data or login credentials.

A User without administrator privileges can view, but not alter their User Settings.

To change a User's Personal Information:

  • Log into your account
  • Choose the correct User by clicking your name at the top of the navigation bar and selecting the correct user from the drop-down menu
  • Choose/click User Settings from the navigation bar
  • In the "Personal Settings for ***" you will find multiple subsections
  • Click  to update the User's information in the required subsection, see below
  • Save the changes afterwards


The following information can be changed in the User Information section: 

  • E-mail address: Change the user's e-mail address. A confirmation link will be emailed to the user at the new email address entered
  • First and Last name: Change User's name. 
  • Administrator: In a non-administrator profile, an account administrator has the option to give the user administrator rights by clicking the slide bar


The following information can be changed in the Locations section: 

  • Location: Select a location for the user. 

By clicking a pop-up window will appear with a drop down menu containing all the accounts locations. Choose the required location and save. Upon saving you will be returned to the normal overview page and a green bar will briefly pop up at the top of the page showing "The location has been changed".


The following information can be changed in the Privacy settings for billing purposes section:

  • Privacy settings for billing purposes: Specify how call records are stored in your Itemised Call List.

By clicking  you will be offered 3 options "Complete", "Anonymised" and "Deactivate". Choose the radio button against the option you require.


The following information can be changed in the Password section:

  • Password: You can reset the user's password.


The following feature can be changed in the Reject call when busy section:

Activate the "busy on busy" feature by use of the slide bar. That when you are in a call with one of your devices, all of your other devices return a busy signal for new incoming callers.


The following subscription can be changed in the Newsletter section:

  • Newsletter: Subscribe to sipgate's free newsletter to learn about new sipgate services by clicking the slide bar. We will keep you posted by email about new features, rates and specials.


The following feature can be changed in the Text messaging (SMS) section:

  • SMS: Choose whether or not the User can send SMS text messages. By clicking the slide bar you can enable/disable the feature.


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