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Benefits of Groups

Calls to Group phone and extension numbers will ring all of the Group Members at the same time.

Below are some of the benefits of creating groups:

  • It doesn’t matter where your Group Members are as they will always be reachable.
  • All members of the Group are reachable under the Group phone and extension number(s).
  • Group Members have shared access to the Group's voicemail and fax.
  • Group calls can be routed up to 20 Group Members (Users) at the same time.
  • Group Auto-Attendants can be setup to provide callers a pre-recorded greeting with information and extension options.
  • As part of the Pro Package, Call Queuing can be setup with Groups.    

Note: The amount of Groups that you can create depends on your team plan. For example, if you are signed up for sipgate team 10 you can create up to 10 Groups. Should you need more Groups (or even Users) you can change your plan at any time.



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