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The Zoiper 3 softphone is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and Windows Phone OS.

Zoiper is recommended for use with sipgate team:
sipgate team: Recommended Phones & Apps


A pre-configured, free version of Zoiper 3 can be downloaded here.

After installing Zoiper, all you need to get set up is your SIPID and SIP Password.

For personalised sipgate team Zoiper configuration guides click the links below:

Mac OS


Android, Apple iOS & Windows Phone


If you run into issues registering your phone online, with placing calls or with audio quality see the following links and Help Articles for troubleshooting advice:

Zoiper Technical Support:

sipgate Help & Troubleshooting articles:

Zoiper's own transfer options have not been tested for use with in our in call functions (e.g. transfer, call pick up, hold, etc). Our in call functions are operable using your phone's dial-pad.



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