Payment Methods

The Account & Bills section of a sipgate account is only visible to account administrators.

You can top-up your sipgate account balance by using any of the following payment methods:

Credit Cards:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

All credit card transactions are carried out through our secure payment system. Your payment will be credited to your account immediately.

Bank Transfers:

You can also top up your account balance with credit once at a time using manual Bank Transfers.

You'll find the necessary bank details in the Account Administrator section under Account & Bills --> Credit Account:

  • Click Add/Edit
  • Next Add new type of payment 
  • On the next page select the Bank Transfer option  



  1. Automatic Crediting by credit card is a pre-condition of the sipgate team service, to ensure your account's monthly recurring service charges are met. Without setting up automatic crediting by credit card, it will not be possible to book monthly team service plans, bundles or phone numbers with your account.
  2. Note: Automatic Crediting can only be set-up for credit card payments.
  3. It is not possible to add credit to a sipgate account using a US credit card.
  4. The available payment methods are Credit Card (AMEX, MC & VISA) and Bank Transfer via your online sipgate web account. We can't guarantee that payments using a Debit Card will be successful. Payments using Prepaid cards are not supported.




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