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Contacts - Creating, Editing and Deleting

 Your My sipgate Contacts address book has many useful features and can store a wide range of information. 

Save phone Numbers, email and postal addresses, company, website details and additional notes to your sipgate Contacts.

Actions such as call, text (SMS), fax and Email can be started directly from a Contact entry. 

Private Contacts will be visible only by the User that created them, Shared Contacts will be visible by all Users of the team account.


To Add A Contact:

  • Open your My sipgate 
  • On the left hand side click on Contacts 
  • Next click on + Add Contact 
  • Enter the Contact's details.
  • To add multiple phone numbers, addresses, emails and websites click the 'add' link.
  • Choose whether the Contact should be Private or Shared.
  • To store the contact click Save 

To Edit or Delete a Contact:

  • Click on the desired contact in your Contacts list.
  • Click the Edit or Delete link as required.
  • Multiple contacts can be selected for deletion.

Contacts can also be added or updated directly from your My sipgate Inbox's entries.

Contacts can be imported and exported as CSV or vCard files, and imported from Google.

  • On the right hand side of your My sipgate Contacts click the Import or Export option.
  • On the next page select the appropriate Import or Export method:





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