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My sipgate Inbox

Your My sipgate Inbox contains your records for calls, SMS, faxes, voicemails and call recordings from the preceding three months.

Entries can be Archived, Deleted, Starred , or filtered based on type:

The entries displayed in your Inbox list can be filtered further:    


Create Labels to clearly organise entries related to a particular task, project or event.

Filters & Notifications: Using filters you can automatically attach labels, organise and star incoming entries. Email notifications for all entry types can be set-up based on your filters.


Managing Individual Entries:

Notes added to entries will be displayed as the entry's title in the Inbox list: 

Click on the green Call button to ring the called or calling number.

Forward: share entries with colleagues by email, fax, SMS and internally:

Contact: add the calling or called number to your Contacts:

Additional information is available by clicking Details.

You can rate the call's quality by clicking Quality.


Searching your Inbox:

To search for a particular entry or entries click the Search on the left hand side of your My sipgate Inbox. 

The search options available are:

  • From (Name or Number)
  • To (Name or Number) 
  • Date From
  • Date To



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