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Filters & Notifications

Use filtering rules to manage and organise how entries for calls, voicemails, webfaxes and SMS are displayed in your My sipgate Inbox.

Email and SMS Notifications for new Inbox entries can be easily set-up.

Filtering rules can automatically add Labels to entries, Star entries as Read or Important and Delete or Archive entries.

When you add a voicemail or fax to a Group or User, email notifications are setup automatically in the User's own Settings. 


To create a Filter:

  • Open your My sipgate Inbox 
  • Click on Filters & Notifications 
  • Click Add Filter 
  • From the Filter Criteria section's drop down menus what you can choose which entries the filter will apply to:

  • Click on Filter by telephone numbers to further filter entries based on the called or calling phone number: 

  • In the Actions section of the Filtering rule the following options are available:

Send Email to: Send Email Notifications for new events to multiple addresses.

SMS notification to: Send SMS notifications for new event. 

Attach Labels: Add a Label to clearly organise entries related to a particular task, project or event.

Star as read: The entry will display as a previously read entry in your Inbox 

Star as Important: Filtered Inbox entries will be highlighted with a Star 

Archive: Entries will be immediately Archived without being displayed in your Inbox's All events list.   

Move to trash

Delete irrevocable

  • Click Save . The Filter will be activated immediately and you'll be redirected to an Overview of your active Filter rules. 

To change or delete a Filter at any time, click on the desired Filter:




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