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sipgate FFX - Mozilla FireFox Add-On

sipgate FFX adds phone functionality to Mozilla Firefox.


You can download and install sipgate FFX by clicking on the following link: sipgate FFX

Click on any phone number on any website and you will be connected via click2dial. This is especially useful with web based services like CRM systems, help desks or your sipgate Contacts list.

Open the context menu by clicking on the sipgate icon in the status bar of your browser. It will then show you all available features (e.g. Send Fax, Credit account, Show contacts).


To use click2dial you need to have a softphone installed.

You can select which of your phones will be used with click2dial in 'Preferences': 


Sending SMS with sipgate FFX:


Note: sipgateFFX was designed for use with sipgate team accounts only and may not be operable with basic residential accounts.


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