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Sending a Text Message (SMS)

Sending a text message (SMS)

Note: text messaging is enabled by default when a new user is set up. Account administrators can enable or disable text messaging for a user on the 'User Settings' screen.

Please use the following instructions to send an SMS:

  1. Click on New SMS
  2. Enter the recipient in the appropriate field.
  3. Should you wish to send the SMS to more contacts simply enter further numbers/contact names. Telephone numbers should be separated with commas (',').
  4. Enter the content of the SMS in the appropriate field.
  5. Select the time the SMS should be sent. You have the choice of sending the SMS immediately or at a specified time in the future.
  6. Click Send to send the SMS.
  7. To save the SMS for future use, click on Save Draft.
  8. To access saved SMSs simply select Drafts from your inbox.
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