Checking Your Voicemail

You can check your voicemails by:

  • Calling your sipgate voicemail number from your VoIP Phone.
  • Listen online or download voicemails from your Event List.
  • Secure polling: remotely from other networks by calling your sipgate phone number.
  • Setting up email notifications containing an MP3 copy of the voicemail.


From your Event List, click on the voicemail row entry, where you can:

  • Listen to the voicemail in your browser.
  • Download the voicemail to your computer as an mp3.
  • Listen to the voicemail using your VoIP phone


Checking voicemail from your VoIP Phone:

To check your personal voicemail call 55000 from your VoIP Phone.

If you have both a personal and shared Group voicemails, each Group voicemail will have a different number:


 Visual MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) can also be enabled with the majority of VoIP phones.



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