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Setting up a User's Incoming Call Handling

Using standard call routing, when a User's phone or extension number(s) are called all of the User's phone will ring.

Using special routing, a User with more than one phone can choose which phone will ring based on the extension or phone number that was called.


Special Routing:

In order to set up special routing, please use the following instructions:

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Edit routing in the green field below your list of phones:

  • An overview will be displayed where you can edit your routing for your phone number, extension and group numbers.
In the example above:
  • on calls to extension number 3 your VoIP Phone/Line VoIP Line 1 will ring.
  • on calls to extension number 567 only your mobile phone "Business" will ring.
  • on the phone number 0203 123 45678 all phones will ring.
  • via your group Marketing, your second VoIP Phone VoIP Line 2 will ring.
When special routing's active the green field will turn red.


Important: Should you activate the DND (do not disturb) function, it will only take effect for any phone/extension number or group that has no special routing active.


Using standard routing, call forwarding rules will be active for all phones linked to that particular phone number.

With special routing activated, different forwarding rules can be set-up for each of your phones.



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