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Assigning a Phone or Extension Number to a User

To Assign phone numbers or extensions to a User:

  • Click on My Settings.
  • Select the Phone tab.
  • Click on the + Phone Numbers or + Extension button:


  • A pop up box will appear which will allow you to choose the phone or extension number to assign to the User:



  • Your outbound Caller ID can be set up under Phone  -> Caller ID 

Important: If you select a phone number that is already assigned to a User or Group phone, the phone number will be removed from deed User / Group and assigned to your User's numbers.


Special routing:

Using standard call routing, when a User's phone or extension number(s) are called all of the User's phones will ring.

With special routing a User can choose which of their phones will ring based on the extension or phone number called. 


In order to set up special routing, please use the following instructions:

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Edit routing in the field below your list of green phones:

  • An overview will be Displayed where you can edit your routing for your phone numbers, extensions, and Group numbers.
  • When special routing is active the field will turn red:




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