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Filters & Labels Overview

Your My sipgate Inbox contains your call records, SMS, voicemails and faxes from the preceding three months.

Filters are a great way to stay organised and manage how your Inbox's events are displayed. Filters can be used to send email and SMS notifications for new events to multiple recipients. 


New Inbox entries can be filtered based on multiple criteria including e.g. by entry type (call, voicemail, fax or SMS), an inbound or outbound event, by called and/or calling phone number:


Filters can be used to automatically star important Inbox entries, add Labels to organise entries related to a particular project or task, and to archive or delete entries.


With a single mouse click all entries attached to a particular Label will be displayed in your Inbox:

For Help Articles about using your My sipgate Inbox, creating Filters and setting up Labels please click the following link: My sipgate: Inbox




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