What are the roles at sipgate: Administrators and users?

When you set up an account for your company, you automatically receive the administrator role for this account with access to account management. This lets you manage everything, including adding new users.
Users do not have access to account management but retain the ability to adjust or create many things themselves. 

Tip: As an admin of a sipgate account with many users, you can assign admin rights during setup to others to manage the account together.

Administrator capabilities

  • Plans: Order/book, change (upgrade or downgrade) and cancel.
  • Phone Numbers: Order/book, port over and allocate.
  • Users: Create, allow Admin rights, block and delete.
  • External Phones: Integrate to a User's account (mobiles & landlines).
  • Groups: Create, delete and assign phone numbers to Groups.
  • Account: Top-up and view your current account balance.
  • Invoices: See your itemised bill.
  • Add IVRs and Call Queues (requires the Pro Package add-on).
  • Change User emails, personal data and login credentials.
  • Choose which destinations Users can call.
  • and, of course, everything that users can do.

Please note: Administrators cannot access a user's event list or change their notification settings. 

User capabilities

  • Access voicemail, make and receive calls, send SMS.
  • Manage personal event list.
  • Administer phone numbers (assign where each rings).
  • Configure phones, personal voicemail, and Caller ID.
  • Setup filters, notifications, and call forwarding.
  • Create and edit contacts.
  • Send faxes.
  • Lock SIM cards.
  • Book data volume.

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