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Choosing the Amount of Phone Numbers You Require

 After upgrading to a monthly team plan, the first UK phone number on your account will be available for booking free of charge. 

sipgate team is a hosted web PBX offering a wide range of call management options including Groups, IVRs, Auto-Attendants, Call Queues, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, and call transfers.
Groups route calls to the phones of up to 20 Group Members (Users). IVRs and Auto-Attendants provide callers with personalised greetings, information and extension options. Forward calls to other Users, Groups, numbers and voicemail. Users can be given access to shared Group faxes and voicemails.
The phones of many Users can be easily reached through a single external telephone number.
It's possible that your current sipgate team plan's functionality does not support the amount of phone numbers you require.
Additional UK and International phone numbers can be booked at any time online by an account administrator.

UK 01- and 02- numbers can be booked individually, in blocks of three and in blocks of ten.

UK 0845, 0870 and International phone numbers can be booked individually and are not available in blocks or ranges. 

A block of three or ten numbers cannot be later subdivided into a smaller block or range. Cancelling the monthly phone number plan will cancel all numbers booked as part of a three or ten number block.

A breakdown of all the plans sipgate offers is available at the following link:

sipgate team Plans

To book monthly plans, automatic account crediting must be enabled. Your account's automatic crediting values will be raised to meet the increased cost of newly booked plans.

To cancel a phone number plan:

  • Open Settings --> Plans & Location
  • Click on the appropriate plan 
  • On the next page click on 'Cancel telephone number plan'

A cancelled plan will be set to terminate at the end of the current month's billing period, if the cancellation has been submitted before the last day.

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